Park Reservations

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The Facilities Available for Reservation

Shelters: Deposit is required for all reservations

North Park Shelter Reservation Fee - $75 to $100 Deposit - $50

Sports Park Large Shelter Reservation Fee - $75 to $100 Deposit - $50

Learn know more about these reservable sites here.

The Reservation Process

  1. Bring the completed application (PDF) to City Hall and pay the fees.
  2. Staff will issue the permit.
  3. Take permit to your special event insurance provider to purchase a Certificate of General Liability in $1,000,000 with the City of Patterson added as an additional named insured.
  4. Return the processed insurance documents to Public Works Department.
  5. If you have purchased an alcohol permit or loud speaker permit, the insurance document and permit will need to be submitted to the Sheriff's Department located at 33. S Del Puerto Avenue to have the Alcohol Permit issued.
  6. A copy of the completed Alcohol/Loud Speaker Permit must be returned to Public Works to complete the process.

Have any questions or problems on the day of your reservation?

Regular Business Hours: (209) 895-8060
Monday through Thursday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Fridays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Weekday Evenings: (209) 652-1230

Morning: (209) 678-5786
Afternoon/Evening: (209) 678-0118

In an emergency, please contact police dispatch, dial 911.

Reservation Categories/Descriptions


Events which require Street Closure Approval (City Council Approval), City Co-Sponsored or City Fundraisers.
Coordinated by Recreation & Community Services Department

Community Events


  • Apricot Fiesta June 1st through 3rd All Day Downtown
  • Father's Day Car Show June 16th All Day Downtown
  • FDES Festa Parade July All Day Downtown FDES/SH Church
  • Fiestas Patrias September All Day Downtown
  • Saint Anthony Celebration August All Day Downtown FDES/SH Church
  • Santa Comes to Town Dec Evening Downtown
  • Randy's Run May 20th 8am to 12pm Villa Del Lago/ Diablo Grande

Co-Sponsored Events

  • Back to School Child Safety Fair Aug 11th 10am to 2pm Downtown
  • IKON Skate Event June 30th All Day Skate Park
  • Earth Day April 9am to 1pm Community Complex
  • Central Valley Am Jam July 14th All Day Skate Park
  • Gang Awareness Conference TBD 7pm to 2:30pm Community Complex
  • Positive Rap Concert TBD 5pm to 8pm Community Complex

City Fundraisers

Carnival February (Wednesday through Sunday) Evening Sports Complex
Circus May 2nd & 3rd 5pm to 9pm Sports Complex


Events that do not require street closures and are contained in Parks.
Coordinated by Public Works Department


  • Mom's Club March 2 to 4pm Sports Complex
  • Friday Night Lights June through July Evening Downtown
  • CPR Health Fair Saturday, April 8am to 7pm Sports Complex
  • Las Palmas School
  • Beach Bash May 2013 All Day Downtown
  • Cancer Awareness Ride September 8am to 7pm Garza Park


Coordinated by Public Works Department


  • National Night Out August 7th Evening Community Event
  • Tough Mudders September 29th & 30th All Weekend Diablo Grande
  • St Baldrick's Head Shaving March Evening Business Parking Lot
  • Farmer's Market May through September Evening True Value Shopping Center