Job Descriptions


  1. Accountant (PDF)
  2. Accounting Assistant (PDF)
  3. Accounting Manager (PDF)
  4. Accounting Technician (PDF)
  5. Administrative Analyst (PDF)
  6. Administrative Assistant I (PDF)
  7. Administrative Assistant II (PDF)
  8. Assistant Engineer (PDF)
  9. Associate Engineer (PDF)
  10. Associate Planner (PDF)
  11. Capital Projects Manager (PDF)
  12. Cashier PT (PDF)
  13. Chief Building Official (PDF)
  14. Chief Plant Operator (PDF)
  15. City Clerk (PDF)
  16. City Manager (PDF)
  17. City Planner (PDF)
  18. Code Enforcement Officer I (PDF)
  19. Code Enforcement Officer II (PDF)
  20. Crossing Guard PT (PDF)
  21. Deputy Director of Public Works Operations and Maintenance (PDF)
  22. Deputy Director, Regulatory Compliance & Admin Services (PDF)
  23. Director of Engineering Building CP (PDF)
  24. Director of Human Resources
  25. Electrical and Instrument Crew Leader (PDF)
  26. Electrical and Instrumentation Manager (PDF)
  27. Electrical and Instrumentation Tech I (PDF)
  28. Electrical and Instrument Tech II (PDF)
  29. Engineering Technician I (PDF)
  30. Engineering Technician II (PDF)
  31. Environmental Compliance Specialist (PDF)
  32. Equipment Mechanic Crew Leader (PDF)
  33. Equipment Mechanic I (PDF)
  34. Equipment Mechanic II (PDF)
  35. Executive Administrative Assistant Confidential (PDF)
  36. Facility Attendant PT (PDF)
  37. Facility Custodian PT (PDF)
  38. Finance Director (PDF)
  39. Fire Captain - Suppression (PDF)
  40. Fire Captain - Training Officer (PDF)
  41. Fire Chief (PDF)
  42. Fire Department Administrative Manager (PDF)
  43. Fire Division Chief (PDF)
  44. Fire Engineer (PDF)
  45. Fire Marshal (PDF)
  46. Fire Prevention Inspector (PDF)
  47. Fire Prevention Inspector (PDF)
  48. Firefighter (PDF)
  49. Firefighter Paramedic (PDF)
  50. Graffiti Abatement Technician (PDF)
  51. Human Resources Analyst (PDF)
  52. Information Technology Manager (PDF)
  53. Information Technology Technician I (PDF)
  54. Information Technology Technician II (PDF)
  55. Lifeguard PT (PDF)
  56. Maintenance Worker I (PDF)
  57. Maintenance Worker II (PDF)
  58. Maintenance Worker III (PDF)
  59. Management Analyst (PDF)
  60. Operations Supervisor, Parks (PDF)
  61. Operations Supervisor (Urban Forestry) (PDF)
  62. Permit Technician I (PDF)
  63. Permit Technician II (PDF)
  64. Planning & Community Development Director
  65. Pool Manager PT (PDF)
  66. Public Works Director (PDF)
  67. Public Works Inspector I (PDF)
  68. PW Inspector II (PDF)
  69. PW Inspector III (PDF)
  70. Recreation and Community Services Director (PDF)
  71. Recreation Coordinator I (PDF)
  72. Recreation Coordinator II (PDF)
  73. Recreation Facilities Superintendent (PDF)
  74. Recreation Leader PT (PDF)
  75. Recreation Programs Supervisor (PDF)
  76. Recreation Services Manager (PDF)
  77. Recreation Specialist PT (PDF)
  78. Recreation Specialist Senior Program PT (PDF)
  79. Revenue and Utility Billing Manager (PDF)
  80. Senior Accounting Assistant (PDF)
  81. Senior Civil Engineer (PDF)
  82. Senior Code Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  83. Senior Planner (PDF)
  84. Sports Official PT (PDF)
  85. Student Intern PT (PDF)
  86. Supervising Accountant
  87. Swim Instructor PT (PDF)
  88. Utilities Supervisor (Streets and Collections) (PDF)
  89. Utilities Supervisor (Water) (PDF)
  90. Wastewater Manager (PDF)
  91. Wastewater Operator I (PDF)
  92. Wastewater Operator II (PDF)
  93. Wastewater Operator III (PDF)
  94. Wastewater Operator III (PDF)
  95. Wastewater Operator in Training (PDF)
  96. Water Operator I (PDF)
  97. Water Operator II (PDF)
  98. Water Operator III (PDF)
  99. Water Operator in Training (PDF)
  100. Water Resources Program Manager (PDF)