City Facility Reservation

To reserve the City Council Chambers or Community Room please contact Public Works at (209) 895-8060.

To reserve the Hammon Senior Center please contact Recreation & Community services at (209) 895-8080.

How to Reserve the City Hall Council Chambers or Community Room

1) Complete the Facilities Reservation Application (PDF). All new applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are only accepted from person 21 years of age and older on official forms provided by the Public Works Department. Applications and other documents may be submitted as follows:

1) Scan and email Public Works
2) Fax to (209) 895-8069.
3) Deliver in person to Public Works staff located on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, 1 Plaza, Patterson CA,95363.
4) Mailed to City of Patterson, Attn: Public Works Department, P.O. Box 667, Patterson, CA 95363.

2) All fees and deposit(s) must be paid at the time of application submittal. Only cash and checks are accepted for Facility reservations. Credit cards are not yet accepted for this type of transaction.

3) In order to secure your reservation(s), a reservation application is required every calendar year.

4) Review the rules of City facility reservation.

1) City meeting will take precedent. You may be asked to reschedule your meeting if a City meeting requires the use of the City Council Chambers and Community Room.
2) All applicants requesting to reserve the City Council Chambers or Community Meeting Room must be a non-profit group/organization (you may be asked to provide your state non-profit status certificate).
3) Applications and all required documentation should be submitted at least ten (10) business days prior to the requested reservation date. Applications are not considered "Approved" until the applicant has received a written confirmation from the Public Works Department. Requests received outside this time frame may be granted if time and conditions allow.
4) All non City of Patterson Reservations require $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance with the Endorsement naming the City of Patterson as additional insured and must be submitted along with the reservation application (PDF).
5) Incomplete applications (including those missing the required insurance/endorsement) will not be accepted. The applicant is responsible for meeting the 10 day deadline.
6) The City Council Chambers is for meetings/gatherings only. No arts/crafts/disruptive events/loud noise/music is allowed in the City Council that disrupts City business, its employees and citizens.
7) The City of Patterson reserves the right to limit the requests for ongoing bookings of these rooms.
8) You are responsible for the set-up, take-down, clean-up, opening and locking-up of the City Council Chambers. If City crew is asked to do any of the above mentioned including Special Requests, then there will be a minimum charge of at least $50.
9) To insure that the facility will be left clean after your function, a $25 cleaning deposit is required at the time of reserving the City Council Chambers.
10) Clean-up is expected right after your function/event by individuals or groups using the facility. Failure to clean up the facility may result in the loss of the $25 cleaning deposit. Please be aware that before your deposit can be refunded, an inspection must be cleared by the Public Works Department and the deposit will be refunded.
11) Do Not Move/Use/Take City owned Equipment in City Council Chambers. If chairs and tables are moved/used, they must be left as they were original set-up for a City Council Meeting.
12) There must be adult supervision (age 18 or older) in the City Council Chambers at all times.
13) Do not enter through the back doors of the City Hall Council Chambers. No authorized personnel is allowed in the back rooms. Upon leaving the City Hall Council Chambers, please make sure all lights are off and doors are locked.
14) There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the facility.
15) In order to insure a reservation(s), a reservation application is required every calendar year.
16) All applicants requesting to reserve the City Council Chambers must be non-profit groups/organizations.
17) The City will not be held financially or legally responsible for consequences experienced by users due to circumstances beyond the City's control, such as a City Council Meeting (Regular or Special). In these circumstances, the event may be rescheduled (pending availability) or fees and deposits will be refunded.
18) For any events that will be advertised to the public, a copy of the advertisement is required with the following disclaimer printed on the flyer or electronic communication: "This event is a private reservation and is not endorsed or sponsored by the City of Patterson." A copy of the flier and/or electronic communication must be submitted to Public Works for approval.
19) The City reserves the right to cancel or reject current and future reservations due to misrepresentation, misuse of facilities, flagrant violation of policies and regulations, or mistreatment of staff.
20) 18) If assistance from City staff is required for the reservation, including after hours, the applicant or alternate contact person will be charged the following fees at the time the application is submitted:
a. On-Call Fee (Regular Days & Weekends) 2-hour minimum per employee @ $110.00/Hour.
b. On-Call Fee (Holidays) 2-hour minimum per employee @ $152.00/Hour
  (On-Call Fees are based on current City Council approved Public Works Department Fee Schedule and change.)

5) Email the completed application or email it to the 2nd Floor, City Hall, Public Works department.

If you have any questions/problems/concerns regarding reserving the City of Patterson, City Hall Council Chambers and Community Room please contact the Public Works Department at (209) 895-8060.