Water Aerobics

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Shallow Water Aerobics

This class is focused on strength training with low impact on joints. This class is great for everyone! Whether you’re just starting a workout routine, recovering from an injury or surgery, or just looking to add to your routine, our instructors will happy to modify any movement for you!

Fall Water Aerobics

Deep Water Aerobics

If you’ve tried Shallow Water Aerobics and are looking to kick it up a notch, look no further! With low resistance and high intensity workouts this class will get your heart rate going. Deep Water Aerobics is held in the deep water, you must be able demonstrate the ability to swim to participate in this class. 

Senior Water Aerobics

This class is for those 50 years and up looking to work out in a low impact environment. Our lively and fun instructors are here for you and your work out needs!

Class Age Days Time Session 1 Session 2 Cost            
Senior 50+ T,TH 4:00 – 4:30p  9/15 – 10/29 $22
Shallow 12+ T,TH 5:05 – 5:35p & 7:25 - 8:05p 9/15 - 10/29 $38
Deep 12+ T,TH 5:05 – 5:35p & 7:25 - 8:05p 9/15 – 10/29 $38