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Commercial and Multi-Unit Recycling Information

Basics of the Curbside Recycling Program

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For efficient collection and excellent garbage service all of Patterson's garbage, green waste and recyclables are collected by Bertolotti Disposal.  Bertolotti uses automated trucks, which lift heavy carts and bins with mechanical arms or lifters. When the trucks are full, drivers take garbage to a landfill and recyclables to a materials recovery facility (MRF) for sorting. The schedules and equipment you may see in your neighborhood will differ depending on the routing efficiencies of the company, and the type of containers being collected.


At the MRF, the truck driver empties the recyclables onto a conveyer belt. A system of belts, screens, electromagnets, and blasts of air separate paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, and other materials.

While much of the system is automated, workers help separate certain materials by hand. Remember to dispose of your recyclables correctly helps protect their health and safety (e.g., do not recycle needles, diapers, or food waste). Sorted bales and bins of materials are then taken to processing facilities before being sold as resources for making new products.



Empty and lightly rinse all containers.

Blue Recycling Container
Brown, clear and green glass bottles and jars (e.g., soda, wine, mayonnaise)
Black Garbage Container
Ceramics, cookware, drinking glasses, incandescent bulbs, mirrors, windows, blue glass

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Green Waste Container
All lawn clippings, trimmed tree branches, leaves, weeds, etc.

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 Paper & Cardboard

Flatten cartons, boxes. Secure loose material (e.g., shredded paper) in plastic grocery bags. Cut large boxes small enough to fit inside the container.

Blue Recycling Container
Cereal and cracker boxes (remove liners)
Egg cartons
Envelopes (plastic windows OK)
Gift wrap (no metallic/foil)
Newspaper inserts and advertisements (glossy OK)
Office paper (e.g., construction paper, printer paper)
Paper bags
Shoe boxes
Shopping bags (remove handles)
Telephone books

Black Garbage Container
Carbon paper, padded or Tyvek® envelopes, paper soiled with anything such as motor oil, paint, or food/grease; paper take-out containers, photographs and photo paper; pizza boxes; thermal fax paper

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Plastics & Plastic Bags

Empty and lightly rinse all containers. Secure loose plastic bags in a plastic grocery bag.

Blue Recycling Container
Plastics: ONLY items labeled with the numbers 1 through 7 inside the chasing arrows symbol or triangle, such as:
  Soda, water, mouthwash and mustard containers
  Detergent bottles, flower pots, grocery bags, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, spray bottles, yogurt and margarine tubs
  PVC pipe
  Squeezable bottles (e.g., honey), dry cleaning and bread bags
  Medicine bottles
  Egg cartons
  Large reusable water bottles, juice jugs
Plastic bags: All bread, dry cleaning, fresh produce, grocery, and newspaper bags

Black Garbage Container
Bubble wrap, compact discs, credit cards, disposable diapers, hangers, hoses, pools, shoes, tarps, toys, utensils


Polystyrene (Styrofoam®)

Empty and lightly rinse containers. Secure loose material (e.g., packing peanuts) in plastic grocery bags.

Blue Recycling Container
Cups and plates
Egg cartons
Foam packing
Meat and fruit trays
Packing "peanuts"
Take-out containers

Black Garbage Container
Containers soaked with food or grease

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Scrap Metals

Clean and dry household metal items.

Blue Recycling Container
Aerosol cans (empty)
Aluminum foil (clean)
Appliances, small metal (e.g., toaster, waffle iron, blender)
Metal lids and caps from glass bottles
Paint cans (remove excess paint, let residue dry)
Pots and pans, metal
Black Garbage Container
Hangers (wood, metal, plastic), hardware (e.g., nails, screws, nuts, bolts)

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Used Motor Oil & Filters

Used motor oil and oil filters cannot by recycled curbside, you must dispose of used oil and oil filters at a Certified Used Oil Collection Center.

To dispose of used oil:

AutoZone               400 S. 2nd Street,     (209) 892-4500

To dispose of used oil and oil filters:

Fred Frias, Union Services        226 N. 2nd Street,      (209) 892-8992

Patterson Auto Care                 401 N. 1st Street,        (209) 892-8473

Oil must be in a container with a screw top lid.  Oil filters must be in a Ziploc bag. 

Contaminated oil, used oil, batteries may also be disposed of at:

Modesto Collection Facility         1716 Morgan Road

Open every Friday and Saturday from 9am-1pm-except holidays. 

To drop off recycling items:

Patterson Recycling Center      401 N 1st St,                   (209) 892-1917

Open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, Saturday from 8am to 3pm, Closed on Sunday.


Federal Guidelines:

û       Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet or drain unless the label or accompanying patient information specifically instructs you to do so. For information on drugs that should be flushed visit the FDA’s website. 

û       To dispose of prescription drugs not labeled to be flushed, you may be able to take advantage of community drug take-back programs or other programs, such as household hazardous waste collection events, that collect drugs at a central location for proper disposal. Call the Public Works Department and ask if a mobile drug take-back program is available in your community.

û       If a drug take back or collection program is not available:


1)      Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers.

2)      Mix drugs with an undesirable substance, such as cat litter or used coffee grounds.

3)      Put this mixture into a disposable container with a lid, such as an empty margarine tub, or into a sealable bag.

4)      Conceal or remove any personal information, including Rx number, on the empty containers by covering it with black permanent marker or duct tape, or by scratching it off.

5)      Place the sealed container with the mixture, and the empty drug containers, in the trash.




Please call the City of Patterson Recycling Department with any questions.


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