How long will plan review take?
Most plans are NOT reviewed at City Hall. They are sent to an outside agency for plan check which may delay the review process.

1.) Please allow up to 15 business days for your plans to be processed and sent to the outside agency for plan review.

2.) Please allow an additional 15 business days for the Plan Checker to receive, review and comment on your plans.

3.) If revisions are required to your plans or there are comments, you will be notified in writing by the plan check agency. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your plans are updated and that all revisions and comments are addressed in a timely manner. Updated sets of revised plans must be resubmitted through the City's Building Department.

4.) If NO revisions or changes are required to your plans and they are approved, you will be notified by the City's Building Department when your permit is ready for pick up.

5.) Please be prepared to pay all permit fees. The City does not accept Credit Cards as a form of payment.

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