Customer Service Request

Provide Us With Your Feedback!
Public Works has provided you with a convenient Customer Service Request form to place a request for service or even just to provide feedback. To help us identify and address your request as quickly as possible, please provide us with as much detail as possible when completing this form. Public Works strives at providing excellent customer service and your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Reporting Guidelines
Following these reporting guidelines helps ensure a timely response!

Contact Information
Contact information such as name and number are required. Exceptions are made for complaints about wasting water as this is an anonymous program to help eliminate waste during water conservation periods. Providing your contact information will help staff to validate requests and to make contact if any clarification or further details are needed. All personal information will remain confidential.

Listing Requests / Complaints

List one request / complaint per form. If you require multiple issues to be addressed, please use as many forms as needed. This helps our staff to direct individual issues to the appropriate person for correction. Provide as much detail as possible such as exact location and the nature of each concern.

Reporting Street Light Outages
If reporting a defective street light, be sure to provide the following information:
  • Location of streetlight
  • Pole number (this number can be found on the front of the pole)
  • Type of pole (metal or wood) - this will help us determine if it’s an older or newer streetlight
  • How long the problem has been occurring
  • Type of problem (the light is completely out, flickering, etc.)
Additional Information
Please be aware that if an incomplete order is received, there may be a delay in response time. Work orders are processed in the order that they are received. Exceptions are made for emergencies or safety hazards only. A supervisor will be making contact with you in the next couple of days. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the actual work to be completed. If work has not been addressed within this time, feel free to contact our office for an update.

The Customer Service Request form has been provided to help you in reporting concerns. If you feel your situation requires immediate attention, please feel free to call in your request to 209-895-8060. Our customer service specialist will be happy to assist you!