Welcome to the City of Patterson Recycling & Solid Waste Home Page

The Solid Waste Management Division strives to integrate the mission and vision of the Department of Public Works by providing high quality services with outstanding customer service to residents, and businesses in the City of Patterson. By establishing comprehensive but attainable goals, the Solid Waste Management Division along with the, citizens of Patterson, will continue to save resources, energy, and landfill space while reducing pollution and trash tonnage.

Recycling is Easy As … 1, 2. 

  1. Use your Blue Recycling Bin.
  2. Fill Blue Bin With Recyclables : Paper, Cans, Unsoiled Paper & Cardboard, and Bottles
  3. Fill Green With Recyclables: Landscape Material, Food Scraps, Soiled Paper & Cardboard

Quick Tips

When is my Recycle day?

You can find your Recycle and Trash days by following the link below. Please Click: Garbage Route Map (PDF)

Why Is Recycling Important?

Recycling helps sustain our environment, reduces and saves energy. It prevents pollution, decreases emissions of greenhouse gases which affect our climate, reduces the need for landfills and incineration, preserves natural resources, and even helps the economy by protecting and increasing the number of manufacturing jobs. 

3-Bin Recycle Poster
Recycling Poster