Parks & Landscape Maintenance

Parks Crew

The Parks & Landscape Division is responsible for the maintenance of over 63 locations of park, basins, streetscapes and features which equal to 141 acres of park and landscape. The maintenance activities include:
  • Play structure inspections
  • Emergency and routine maintenance of play structures
  • Maintain landscaping in public right-of-way and streetscapes.
  • Maintenance of Irrigation systems & turf.
  • Grass seeding and fertilizing
  • Litter & Trash pickup
  • Repair of vandalism & damage.
For a map of City Parks, please click here.

Currently, there are 25 play structures and 53 park facilities in Patterson.

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Leading the division is ISA Certified Arborist Will Barrera.  Mr. Barrera is in the process of becoming a Certified Industry Landscape Technician.

​Additional Information

Residential parks are not reservable sites.  Please see the Park Reservation page for more information on reservable sites.