Teen Activities

Due to the COVID - 19 Health Crisis, classes and programs are subject to change or cancellation. We will provide you an option to change dates or receive a refund if your program is canceled.

The City of Patterson offers a wide range of classes and events for teens. We are committed to providing engaging recreational activities that foster skill development and social interaction for the teen community.

Take Pride Patterson: Team up to Clean Up!

Day:               Third Saturday of the month
Time:               8:00am-10:00am
Location:        June 20, 2020- Blenhiem Park
Cost:               FREE
About:            Come out to your local neighborhood park to help beatify Patterson!  We will be having littler pickup, painting, planting                                flowers and making our local parts look better.


Cyber Seniors: 
Digital Divide-Bridging the Generation

This is an opportunity for both high school students and older adults to be able to participate in real world training. Youth will join us and take the time to teach the participants at the Hammon Senior Center how to use their mobile devices, apps, and other computer/technical related questions.
HSC participants please bring your cell phone or tablet down and engage with these incredible youth and learn what your device can do for you!

Grade:               9th - 12th Grades and 50+
Day:                  Third Wednesday of the month                                                    Starts December 6th
Time:                 1:30 - 3:00pm
Location:          Hammon Senior Center
Registration:    For high school youth - Pre-registration at the                            Recreation Office. HSC participants drop-in
Cost:                 Free

Teen Hangout!
Lopes Orchards De Paul Center

Every Monday and Wednesday the Lopes Orchards De Paul Center gym will be open from 6-8:00 pm for grades 6th-12th grade. Please bring a valid school ID and a ball to participate with if interested in participating. We hope to see new faces! Located at - 505 M. Street

Age:                12-17              
Day:                Wednesdays               
Date:               May -September         

The following days of 2020 the gym will be closed: 5/13 

Time:              6:00PM - 8:00PM
                       (subject to change due to programming)
Location:       Lopes Orchards De Paul Center, Gym