Engineering Division

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The Engineering Division provides a variety of services that are incorporated and coordinated through five sections:Land Development, Design & Construction, Special Projects, Utilities and Traffic Transportation

The Engineering Division provides a variety of services that include:

  • Review of private land development projects
  • Provides key Redevelopment Agency support to City's Economic Strategic Plan
  • Management of special assessment districts
  • Provides flood control protection
  • Issuance of grading permits
  • Manages inspections for public works and private land development projects
  • Management of City's traffic and roadway network by balancing the demands created by new development and regional projects
  • Management of safe delivery of potable drinking water

Additional Engineering Services

  • Administer projects designed by consulting engineers
  • Assist the general public regarding storm, sewers, water and other general engineering information
  • Design drainage of road improvements as needed
  • Investigate pavement and drainage complaints
  • Provide construction management services on capital project for City Departments
  • Provide engineering services for the other City departments including studies, reports, investigations, preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates and plan reviews.
  • Provide technical guidance to the Planning Commission, Planning and Zoning
  • Review development proposals consistent with City Standards and sound engineering design