Salary and Benefits


Holidays: 13 Days per year (12 days per year for Fire personnel) 

Vacation: Accrue 9.5 hours per month to a maximum of 320 hours (13.14 hours per month for a maximum of 471.22 hours for Fire personnel)

Sick Leave: Accrue 8 hours per month (11.2 hours per month for Fire personnel)

Retirement: Qualified candidates currently or within the last (6) months a member of CalPERS OR subject to reciprocity with another eligible retirement plan may be a "classic member" and may be enrolled in the City's 2.7% @ 55 plan. Employee pays employee contribution rate of 8% on a pre-tax basis.
Non-classic or "new members" will be enrolled in the 2% @ 62 plan. Employee will be required to pay 50% of the normal contribution rate as prescribed by PEPRA currently 6.25% on a pre-tax basis.
Final compensation for the formulas listed is the average of the three highest years.
The City does not participate in Social Security except for the mandatory 1.45% contribution for Medicare.

Health Insurance: The City pays a generous portion of health insurance.

Additional Benefits: The City currently provides dental and vision insurance for the employee and his/her dependents. Several deferred compensation plans, EAP, etc.


Listed are the class titles for the City of Patterson. These are not current job opportunities. Visit the Employment Opportunities page for a listing of current employment opportunities.

Management/Mid-Management Salary Schedule (PDF)

AFSCME Salary Schedule (PDF)

Fire Salary Schedule (PDF)

Department Heads and Unrepresented Salary Schedule (PDF)

Part-Time Salary Schedule (PDF)