Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are synonymous with our celebration of Independence Day. Yet, the thrill of fireworks can also be dangerous if not used in a safe manner. Even sparklers can cause third-degree burns. Two hundred people on average go to the emergency room every day with firework-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday.

In California only the "Safe and Sane" type fireworks are legal for use. “Safe and Sane” means that the fireworks are less likely to cause injury and generally means that the fireworks do not explode or fly. However, please remember "Safe and Sane" fireworks are still dangerous, causing serious burns and eye injuries. You can prevent firework-related injuries by following these simple safety tips:
  • Buy only State Fire Marshal approved fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.
  • Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities. Parents don't realize that young children suffer injuries from sparklers. Sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees - hot enough to melt some metals.
  • Know your fireworks. Read the warning labels and performance descriptions before igniting and designate a shooter to organize and shoot your fireworks.
  • Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse. Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.
  • Never turn your back on a lit firework device
  • Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully.
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person.
  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap.
  • Light fireworks one at a time, then move back quickly.
  • Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.
  • After fireworks complete their burning, douse the spent device with plenty of water from a bucket or hose before discarding it to prevent a trash fire.
  • When finished, please discard packaging as to not leave litter on the street or street gutter.
If you have any further questions regarding fireworks safety or find illegal fireworks, please contact us at 209-895-8130.