Sign up for garbage service

Home Trash Can

To receive garbage service via Bertolotti Disposal, Inc, the City's franchised garbage collector, please call (209) 895-8040 to sign up. All residential homes are going to receive three (3) 90 gallon toters. The black toter is to be used for regular waste, the blue toter for recyclable materials such as cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, etc. and the green toter for organic and food waste. 

4-Yard Bin

All Commercial and Industrial business who generate 4-cubic yard or more of commercial solid waste per week, are required by state law (AB 341) sign up for commercial solid waste services, as well as implementing it own commercial recycling program. Commonly known as "dumpsters," front-load containers are the most commonly used waste collection receptacle throughout the city for non-residential, commercial waste collection. With this service, one or more 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-cubic-yard containers are placed at places of business in a location that is easily accessible and safe for cleanup crews and waste-generation areas, as well as the garbage trucks and its drivers. Waste must be placed within the container and will be serviced at a minimum of once a week. However, if your waste generation calls for more frequent visits or a larger container, we will do whatever it takes to service your needs. Please call (209) 895-8040 to sign up for the appropriate service for your business.