Recreation Scholarship

Patterson Recreation & Community Services offers scholarship opportunities for Patterson residents. Stanislaus Community Foundation Scholarship provide increased access to recreational programs for the underserved members of our community. Providing financial assistance for Patterson residents to participate in recreation activities offered by the Recreation & Community Services Department.

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We offer financial scholarships to Patterson residents funds provided by Stanislaus Community Foundation. The Scholarship Program provides families that are challenged financially the opportunity to be enrolled into our programs up to $100.00 per participant in your household.

Every youth who participates in our scholarship program will have the opportunity to participate in recreation activities, classes or sports and give back to the Patterson Community by participating in our Give Back to our community.

Application Availability

Applications are accepted through the year. Funds are limited to $100 per family member in the household, per calendar year. Review the scholarship guidelines listed below for program qualifications and eligibility requirements prior to applying: TBA

Applications are accepted January through December  
How to apply:
1. In person at the Recreation Office or online. Click here for online application.
2. Must have all required documentations to be accepted.
3. Scholarship allocation must be approved before registering for programs/activities. No refund will be offer if application was submitted after being enrolled in the programs/activities.