Two Women Doing Yoga

Yoga in the Park

A guided practice to relaxation and meditation in the park. Practice breath work and yoga postures with step-by-step verbal description and demonstration all while in the beautiful outdoors. Salute the sun and have fun!

Age:                            All Ages are welcome!
Day:                            Saturdays
Date:                           June 13 - 27
Time:                          8:30 – 9:30 am
Location:                    Sports Complex
Cost:                           $37
Registration:              Registration opens May 13; a minimum of 5 students is required to run this class

Vinyasa Yoga

Flow through sequential poses in the most popular style of yoga in the United States! Synchronize your breathing with a continuous flow of postures in a peaceful environment.

Age:                            15+     
Day:                            Thursday        
Date:                           July 16 -30     
Time:                          6:30 – 7:30 pm
Location:                    Walnut Grove Gym
Cost:                           $37
Registration:              Registration begins June 16; a minimum of 5 students is needed to run the class.