Measure L

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Measure L is the Transportation Ordinance and Expenditure Plan approved by Stanislaus County voters on November 8, 2016. The measure raised the sales tax in Stanislaus County on April 1, 2017, by one-half cent for a total period of 25 years to improve our local streets and roads, improve connectivity and reduce congestion.

Measure L includes strong taxpayer safeguards to ensure that the projects and programs approved by the voters are funded and delivered. A Citizens Oversight Committee has been created to provide an enhanced level of accountability for expenditures made under the Plan to ensure that all voter mandates are carried out and that the financial integrity and performance of the program is maintained.

Should you have any questions, please contact the City of Patterson Engineering Department at 209-895-8033.

Measure L - Completed Projects

  • 2018-2019 Slurry Seal Project: - Various local roads
  • Citywide Sidewalk Replacement Project: - various locations 
  • Sperry Avenue Improvements Project: Sperry Avenue between Baldwin Road and American Eagle Avenue
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project: Las Palmas Avenue between 7th Street & 9th Street, Ward Avenue between 9th Street & Salado Avenue
  • Roundabout at Salado Avenue & 7th Street Project
  • Las Palmas Overlay Project: Located along Las Palmas and Highway 33
  • Kinshire Waterline Replacement/FDR Phase IA: Bounded by Sperry Avenue to the north, Poppy Avenue to the south, Clover Avenue to the west, and Patterson Irrigation District's (PID) main canal to the east.

Measure  L – Current Projects

Kinshire Waterline Replacement/FDR Phase IB ProjectThis project is bounded by Sperry Avenue to the north, Poppy Avenue to the south, Del Puerto to the west, and Patterson Irrigation District’s (PID) main canal to the east.  Construction was awarded to United Pavement Maintenance, Inc., and the project is in the construction phase.

As some of you are aware, Phase 1B of the Kinshire Project was put on hold due to the
contractor’s ability to procure materials during the COVID pandemic and poor weather conditions. We are excited to inform you that the City has authorized, United Pavement Maintenance, Inc. to resume construction activities. Phase 1 of Kinishre IB was completed in September of 2022. The remainder of the project is projected to be completed by the end of August 2023.

Although roads will remain open, we realize that the construction of this project may
interfere with some of your daily activities, and we will do our very best to minimize
disruptions. Those affected directly by delays and disruption of services, will be given
notices 5 days in advance.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

City of Patterson

Sperry Ave Improvements Phase II Project: Construction for this project was awarded to JV Lucas Paving in February of 2023 and is estimated to start in April of 2023.


Measure L – Future Projects

Pedestrian Controlled Crosswalk Safety Project: Intersection of Ward Avenue and Mackilhaffy Drive. The MOU  between the City of Patterson and StanCOG has been executed. The RFP for engineering and design services has been posted. 


For more information please visit Stanislaus Council of Governments.