Trench Cut Permit  and Program Information

Trench Cut

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Encroachment & Trench Cut Permit

PCI Listing

Trench Cut Ordinance As Adopted

The Trench Cut Ordinance is linked above.  This document has been approved by the City of Patterson Council and the changes go into effect on May 21, 2020.

Trench Cut Fee Schedule

The Trench Cut Fee Schedule dictates the cost associated with trenching within the City of Patterson.

The trench cut fees are as follows:

PCI Classification 0-49 is $0.

PCI Classification 50-69 is $5.25 Sq. Ft.

PCI Classification 70-100 is $7.30 Sq. Ft.

The PCI Listing link above is the current database setting the criteria for all road within the city limits.  At this time, a new study is being conducted and is expected to be complete in 2021.

Purpose of trench cut cost recovery fee.

Excavations in paved streets owned and maintained by the City degrade and shorten the life of the surface of the streets, and this degradation increases the frequency and cost to the public of necessary resurfacing, maintenance and repair. These excavations cause degradation of the streets even where the excavations are refilled and repaired in conformity with applicable standards and requirements. It is appropriate that entities responsible for excavating into the City  right-of-way bear the burden of the resulting cost of this degradation and shortened life of the surface rather than the taxpayers of the City  . In addition, establishment of a trench cut cost recovery fee will create an incentive for utilities to coordinate excavations in the streets. This chapter shall not be construed to relieve those excavating into the City right-of-way of the obligation to fill, repair and properly maintain the location of the excavation.

Establishment of trench cut cost recovery fee.

No person shall excavate in a public right-of-way without, in addition to all other requirements of this code, having first paid to the City a “trench cut cost recovery fee.” The amount of this trench cut cost recovery fee shall be determined by reference to the tables attached as Exhibit A to the ordinance codified in this chapter, which tables may be modified annually (Every January 1st) by the SF-Bay Area Construction Cost Index or by resolution and shall not exceed the reasonable cost necessary to mitigate the degradation to the public streets caused by such excavation.”