General Accounting

New Assembly Bill (1483) was passed in 2019, which now requires public agencies to publish current schedule of extractions imposed by public agency on all housing development projects within 30 days of any change made. The Definition of an exaction includes a special tax levied pursuant to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act.

AB1666 Section 53343.2 A local agency that has an Internet Web site, within seven months after the last day of each fiscal year of the district, shall display prominently on its Internet Web site all of the following information:

(b) A copy of the report provided to the Controller's Office pursuant to Section 12463.2

SB 165 Annual Report for CFDs - The Local Agency Special Tax Bond and Accountability Act, enacted by Senate ill 165, is codified in California Government Code Sections 50075 through 50077 and 53410 through 53412. The Act Requires:        1. That any local special tax measure subject to voter approval contains a statement indicating specific single purpose of the special tax. 2. That the proceeds of the special tax be applied to that purpose. 3. An annual report specified information concerning the use of the proceeds.