ATP Master Plan

Proposed Bicycle Projects

     ATP Master Plan    


The City of Patterson was awarded funds through the Active Transportation Program Funding Cycle 4 to develop a Citywide Active Transportation Plan. The purpose of this project was to identify pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure deficiencies throughout Patterson, recommend solutions, and addresses future Active Transportation expansion demands.

The plan adheres to StanCOG’s 2013 Non-Motorized Transportation Master Plan recommendations, which will improve the development of Class I bike trails, sidewalk infrastructures, and pedestrian crossings throughout the community. The improvements identified by this plan will connect existing sections of the City’s bike trail network, increase connectivity to schools and other community destinations, and increase and encourage walking and bicycling connectivity activities, while improving pedestrian safety, air quality, and promoting the overall quality of life in Patterson.

An ATP Citizens Advisory Team was developed to provide feedback and help with the decision-making process. Two community workshops were offered to discuss project details and timelines and to give community members and stakeholders the opportunity to engage and provide feedback. The workshops were held in the evenings. Workshop details and project updates were posted on the City’s website. 

The City of Patterson is excited to inform you that the Citywide Active Transportation Plan was presented to the City Council meeting on April 5, 2022, and was approved. The plan is now active and official.