How can I obtain an over the counter permit?
Over the counter permits are issued in the Building Department located on the first floor of City Hall Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30 p.m.

List of Over the Counter Permits:

1.) Electrical service replacement (residential)
2.) Hot water heater (residential/commercial)
3.) Water softener installation or replacement
4.) Window replacement (same size only - no structural changes to the building)
5.) Plumbing fixture replacement (residential)
6.) Building sewer line repair (residential)
7.) Building water line repair (residential)
8.) HVAC replacement or repair
9.) Gas line replacement or repair
10.) Gas tag
11.) Temporary electrical service
12.) Re-roof
13.) Sheetrock installation repair or replace in an existing building
14.) Stucco Installation
15.) Siding repair or replacement - no change in shear
16.) Water line(s) repair replacement (interior)
17.) Building drain line repair or replace (existing building)

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2. How can I obtain an over the counter permit?
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